Amarikwa Acres

At Amarikwa Acres we cultivate Figs, Collards, Tomatoes, Watermelon and other annual fruits and vegetables.  

We aim to sustainably farm our acreage and share our experience, learnings and legacy through Audio, video and imagery. 





Family of




Sirena Adaugo Alise Amarikwa, began her farm journey running through her grandparents cherry orchard in rural area of South West Fresno.

One half of the vision behind Amarikwa Acres is deeply rooted in the agricultural legacy of Lonnie and Lula Manning, Louisianan African American fruit farmers who cultivated their bounty in Fresno, California. From a young age, Sirena Amarikwa, granddaughter of Lonnie and Lula, cherished the inspiring tales of people traveling far and wide to buy her grandparents cherries, plums, oranges, tangerines, pomegranates, apricots, apples, walnuts, and quince. Her early years were spent running barefoot with her sister and sister cousin through orchards and plucking fresh fruit from the trees or getting yelled at for eating plums off the ground.

She heard stories from her grandmother Melvia, with roots in Arkansas of how she use to churn butter and how grits were a delicacy. 

Sirena is also the owner of Evolve.Online a digital cultural creative marketing agency specializing in evolving and elevating athletes, business and personal brands.

She is a driven entrepreneur, retired pro athlete, mother of 3 boys, and wife.


Quincy Obina Amarikwa’s agriculture journey began as a young boy spending time with his family members in Superior Montana where he attended his first Rodeo, Billings Montana on his aunt and uncles hay and cattle farm and in Owerri Nigeria where he walked with his grandfather through his farmland in the village and where he taught him how to slaughtered his first chicken.

Quincy’s family roots are filled with a legacy of loved ones who truly understand what it means to live off and have the upmost respect for land.

Spanning a 14 year professional soccer career, Free Agent #SignQuincy Amarikwa is the first player in MLS history to launch a Blog and influential sketch comedy show #QuincyTime in 2013. The Life Of A Pro Vlog series, LIG private financial literacy and investment group, and “The Chip” Goal seen around the world in 2016.

In 2019 Amarikwa launched The #AskASoccerPro and The Perfect Soccer Podcast which together have over 250+ episodes to date. In 2020 alongside Sirena Amarikwa established the #AmarikwaAcres farm while becoming the 1st pro athlete to mint a NFT project, #Frequincy. 

When not on the soccer field, UC Davis Hall Of Fame member and MLS Cup Champion Amarikwa invests in furthering his philanthropic, educational, and entrepreneurial ventures. The US Soccer Federation Licensed Coach Amarikwa’s mission is to use soccer as a vehicle to create over 1 Billion self-disciplined, self-sufficient, focused, goal-oriented individuals. Through his culture coaching and hosting the  #AskASoccerPro Show, Amarikwa has created a new generation of soccerpreneurs.