FIGure OUT is a tree planting initiative launched by Amarikwa Acres Farm in partnership with the Amarikwa Family Foundation. With the Fig tree being low maintenance and adaptable to various environments, and the Fig fruit being highly nutritious and delicious, our goal is to spread the joys of Figs and the feeling of accomplishment that comes along with them. Amarikwa Acres Organic Fig Tree clippings and programs are shared with partners interested in hands on learning of how to cultivate and plant Fig trees in their local communities. This program was created to cultivate the valuable skill and desire for growing one’s own crops.

Learn how simple and fun it is to air layer and propagate your own fig tree by watching the short tutorial videos in the slides presentation below:

Interested In Propagating and Growing Your Own Fig Trees?

We host both in person and virtual FIGure OUT programs & sessions 🙂

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Someone on our support team will follow up to collect your information and FIGure OUT a custom program to fit you or your organization needs 🙂

Past Hosted Events

FIGure OUT Fresno State University July 19th 2024

Event Recap Video Coming Soon…